Edoardo Modenese is a visual artist and creative working in mixed media.

“My work is a spatial exploration. It gives a new interpretation to the material, taking inspiration from the human body as an abstract form, from nature and light, distinguishing itself for the simplicity and purity of shapes, chromatic contrasts, and energy exchanges. It is essential to leave art free from all constraints to stimulate the imagination, curiosity and desire.”

Made in London, with a degree in Design from Central Saint Martins University, Edoardo Modenese (1992, Alba, Italy) relocated from Milan to London in 2011. After graduating in 2015, he joined the Moooi team where he started working and also exhibiting his first panels in relief. His work has since been showcased in different cities, from Milano to Amsterdam, Stockholm and London. Most recently, his work has been discovered by Louis Vuitton, showcased in three of the newly opened stores and has become part of the Fondation Louis Vuitton.

He creates abstract works that go beyond the traditional distinctions between painting, sculpture, and industrial products. The secret of his technique lies in the intention of the colour “painted” with fabrics, where the manual overlaying of elastic nylon and mesh stretched over rigid structures gives life to fascinating kinetic illusions and chromatic contrasts.


The reactions of the audience are a definitive answer to the thousands of questions he has about art and function, shape and colour, and the idea of “touching with the eyes” and feeling with the heart, that is at the basis of his artistic research. Where the abstract is evocative but never falls into the obvious, where color follows form first, then the movement and finally the gaze of those who observe the work.

A unique artistic expression that is able to alienate and disorient the mind of the observer, demonstrating how complex, unpredictable, and surprising the adventures of perception can be. Nothing is what it seems, but in this research on all aspects of two-dimensionality, there is a boundless love for life.

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